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Mar.2009       APFAC (The Portuguese Mortar Industry Association) is organizing the
                     3rd National Congress on Construction Mortars to be held in Lisbon, in
                    March 2010.
                    As it is a subject of paramount importance, Energy was selected as the
                    main theme.
                    Abstracts can already be submitted. For more information, please
                    consult the following website: .

Mar.2009       Between March 18th and March 20th, the FEUP will hold 3rd Conference
                    on Building Pathology and Rehabilitation (PATORREB 2009), which will be
                    organized jointly be the Faculty of Engineering, University of Oporto, the
                    Polytechnic University of Catalonia, and the Polytechnic of the University
                    of São Paulo and Co-sponsored by CIB - – .

                    The best papers presented will be published in the following journals:


                    The Structural Survey Journal will offer a prize to the better paper
                    presented at PATORREB 2009 (award certificate).

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01. Pitched roof 02. Flat roof - Inaccessible 03. Flat roof - Accessible 04. Roof garden 05. External wall 06. Basement wall 07. Internal wall 08. Ground floor 09. Floor 10. Floor over exterior space 11. Doors and windows 12. Verge 13. Joint 14. Skylight 15. Balcony 16. Plant stand 17. Terrace parapet